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Seminar Format Options

Tempcon offers six different training seminars on HVAC systems and controls. Our course outlines are a reflection of the content of our differing training seminars. The content of any course can be modified to consider the backgrounds of your attendees, the types of systems you have and your desired training objectives. We have no affiliation with a controls manufacturer, nor do we sell any hardware. Our sole interest is in providing the best possible theoretical and practical training on HVAC systems and controls by any manufacturer.

We conduct our training seminars in one-week formats in one of two ways:

Conduct the seminar at your facility for your personnel only:

With this option the course can be more specifically aimed at your systems personnel's backgrounds. Concentrated training on our training simulators, with your own HVAC control equipment is also an advantage. We can also include "in the mechanical room" training and the reading of your own HVAC control prints.

Conduct the seminar at your facility for your personnel combined with other interested institutions to share costs:

This option allows more people to attend the seminar, thus reducing the per person cost . Many of our clients have used organizations such as the APPA, military area commands, Hospital Engineering Society, ASHRAE, AIPE or NAPE to help in gathering interest and reduce the per person cost. We can help in course outlines and local advertising for the course. Under this option your facility can send two attendees at no cost to the seminar.